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“Outdoor Kefalonia activities” is a family run, alternative tourism office, authorised by the GREEK TOURISM ORGANISATION (EOT) since 2008 (A/n: 08-30-E-61-00-01-343-0-1). We offer unconventional, alternative and extreme activities,such as: sea kayaking, jeep safaris, hiking, caving, and provide unique and different ways to explore and experience the breathtaking Ionian island of Kefalonia. Our aim is to show you the elements of earth, wind and water, mixing and fusing with the natural beauty of Kefalonia
Our aim is to show you the elements of earth and water, mixing and fusing with the natural beauty of Kefalonia. Through our quality adventures and tours (sea kayaking, jeep safaris, caving canyoning and more,) you will discover the national park which includes Ainos, the Black Mountain. In the shadow of this great mountain a rich nature of both plant and animal life will be uncovered, leaving you with lasting and memorable impressions of an island which was once called the umbilical cord of Europe, a relatively small, rare island which offers so many beautiful, interesting and varied things to its visitor.
Our philosophy is to work with and amongst nature whilst showing the utmost respect for and protecting the environment.



Kefalonia Outdoor Activities - Kefalonia Activities - Kefalonia Extreme Sports - Explore Secret Kefalonia - Kefalonia Elements - Wild Nature Expeditions Kefalonia


George has strong roots in Kefalonia, his family’s name is registered in one of the oldest documents dating from 1262. Married to Irene, they have to boys, Alex and Philip and a daughter named Iris. His mother is a professional licensed guide for the National Tourist Organisation and has also written four books about the island of Kefalonia. His uncle owns the vineyards which produce the famous Mavrodaphni wine for the “Markantonatos” and “Gentilini” wine companies. He has been involved in adventure sports and activities since the age of 15 when he started walking, caving and learning about the historical background of Kefalonia. He became a volunteer with the fire service at the age of 16, which later lead to a full time position as a driver (fifth degree professional driver)- firefighter, for 6 years. He trained in the army with the Special Forces (1998-2000) in the “Mountain assault units”,where he was also a medic. After his army training he trained and became an expert in mountaineering, rock-climbing 7b- and ice-climbing 4+, 5 and as part of his training, he travelled throughout Greece to places such as Meteora, Mount Olympus and in Europe (La Grave, Fournel, Val d’aosta) to perfect his sport. He is an accomplished diver and is responsible for the department of diving at the sailing club of Kefalonia. Also worked as a diver at the reconstruction of the historical bridge of Argostoli. In 2005 he designed the new footpath system for Ainos Mountain’s national park, these paths were opened to the public in 2011. He has attended and completed various training courses and seminars based around his profession including areas such as the protection of yourself and the safety of others. As a kayaker he is an ISKGA coastal and BCU 4* sea kayaking guide (trained by Sea Kayaking Cornwall). In October 2013, he crossed the Adriatic sea, paddling 700 nm from Kefalonia to Venice in 34 days, and in 2018, he paddled from Kefalonia to Istanbul around the Eagean sea, in 2 months. He also undertakes rope access projects which involve accessing places in which the usual means of ladders or scaffolding can not be used and ropes are needed, usually very tall, deep or narrow places. He turned his numerable skills into a business in 2008.
IRENE "The Real Boss"
With a mixture of genes from Kefalonia , Crete, England and Italy , Irene also has a quite mix of achievements and ambitions. Her family has been in Tourism since the 70’s with Travel Agencies in Athens and Kefalonia, and her parents own Panem Tours Travel Agency which has been operating in Kefalonia since 1980.She and her brother are now guiding Panem Tours into new activities. She studied Business Management in Athens, and worked in London for 6 years, in the PR Depratment of “The Berkeley” 5* hotel in Knightsbridge. Apart from her passion for ballet, in which she achieved certificates from the Royal Ballet School of London she still has many gold medals in swimming and sailling. Commited to both her family and businesses , she equally devides her time between her two loves. She is married to George Potamianos, and they have two boys, Alexandros and Philipos.

All these experiences can be revealed to you by local people, who have a passion and respect for the island and will show you an untouched, unspoilt traditional island away from the usual tourist traps.



Enjoy views that will leave you breathless, swim at secret, unknown beaches and let the cool, refreshing Ionian Sea wash over and relax you.



Lie back in waters surrounded by lush greenery, endless blue skies and the unique ‘light’ of Kefalonia; discover a truly poetic place



Escape to an island steeped in tradition, culture, legend and mythology, an island that also has important historical significance and stories to tell you.


A short video - documentary of the way i see my birthplace Kefalonia.


My Kefalonia, the most westerly island of Greece, lies in the Ionian Sea, in the channel leading into the Gulf of Patras. With its ca. 780 square kilometres, the island is the largest of the Eptanisa (the Seven Islands). Turquoise seas, lush green vegetation, wild and sheer mountain scenery and a fascinating variegated geological profile have given Kefalonia a special atmosphere and beauty. Broad sandy beaches, small coves, and steep cliffs, steppe-like plains, fertile valleys, dense black forests of fir, a unique complex of caves and the highest mountain in the Ionian Islands, Mount. Aenos, standing at 1628m, are the most striking features of the island.
Kefalonia is characterized by the creative forces of nature and three thousand years of cultural history. In 1953 there was a devastating catastrophe, of a type that affects the Ionian Islands, located on the edge of the Eurasian continental shelf, a massive earthquake destroyed nearly 90 per cent of buildings on the island, roads disappeared and houses lay in ruins. The architecture, once predominantly Venetian in style was adjusted to modern conditions and now all Kefalonia’s building are built to strict standards making them earthquake safe.
In 2008, the economic magazine Forbes ranked Kefalonia as the fourth most idyllic places in Europe, rich in natural beauty and with the qualities of a relaxed and comfortable life. The island of Kefalonia is a place of special attraction and magic.

Not all those who wander are lost 


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