Kefalonia is an island great in history and has many reminders of World War II. This tour is a combination of true history and memories of the successful film Captain Corelli’s Mandolin. We will drive along a historical and cultural route and experience some of the contemporary Greek-Italian-German history.

You will dive deeper into Kefalonian history as we visit various archaeological sites and off course the Italian War Monument dedicated to the Italian soldiers who served in World War II.


Our first stop will show us the hidden and forgotten bunkers where the real Captain Corelli hid out and protected himself and his men. Feel yourself transported back to a wartime era as you explore this historic place.


Our second stop takes us to a ghost village where scenes from the film were filmed. Tour the village and take photos which can then be compared to stills from the actual film. Walk in the footsteps of the actors and actresses as you explore this atmospheric little village.


Our last stop takes us to Anti-Samos beach where the Italian camp in the film was set up. This fantastic secluded bay is also one of the most photographed beaches in Europe with their beautiful white pebbled beach and crystal clear waters. Spend some time relaxing here, listening to the surrounding nature and taking in the beauty of the greenery around the peaceful beach, it’s a real gem.



Distance: Approx 50 - 60 km

Duration: 4 hours

Starting Time: scheduled

Price: 50 €