Well known for their calm temper, their amazing social skills and the fact that they are very sure footed in every terrain, donkeys are perfect companions for short walks or longer hikes. Donkeys are no fast runners. They will slow you down and give you the chance to enjoy the nature you are surrounded by. Take your chance and get of the beaten path. Together with my donkey ladies Grisella, Wiolätta, Dixie and Louise you can discover the beauty and rich history of Kefalonia the traditional way. Enjoy amazing views over the bay of Sami, evergreen valleys of the area and dive into the history of the island. No matter if you are 2 years old or 99! Water bottles, supplies and tired little legs will be carried by the donkeys.


Outdoor Kefalonia can take you on a full day SUV tour in 4x4 Land Rovers in which you cover 1/5 of the scenic island of Kefalonia. Be closer to nature and the elements with alternative ways to see this fantastic.


Sea kayaking is the perfect way to enjoy the beauty, diversity and sheer magnificence of the Kefalonian coastline. It is an activity that is relaxing, low stress and suitable for ALL ages.


Discover a mystical underground world on a caving adventure under the supervision of experienced guides and equipped with the latest safety equipment.We can organise these trips based on your level...


If you feel the need for a little excitement try a ride on the 30m Zip line and feel the adrenaline rush. Cross gorges on cables, glide through the air and really fly. There are two types of crossing one


Not longer then 50 years ago you would have found a donkey on every corner of Kefalonia. Used for work up in the mountains, carrying wood, hay, and olives into the villages or grain to the mills.


In cooperation with “AINOS BICYCLE STORE” was born as an idea through a conversation between two friends,George Laskaris and Vassilis Kotoulas. Each following his path , but always maintaining



Stand Up Paddle is a top water sport where a paddle is used while standing up on a surfboard. has a Hawaiian heritage and translates in Hawaiian to Ku Hoe He'e Nalu: to stand, to paddle, to surf, a wave.


Only some of our walking tours are mentioned here but there are many more available and can be tailor-made to suit your needs, level, time and interests. You can mix and match, extend or add extra extreme options.


Enjoy the highs and lows of this combined water and rock activity. During the winter, spring and up until May/June this activity can be enjoyed in water, after this a dry canyoning adventure can be experienced.


On a series of paths you have the chance to watch birds that either live year round in Kefalonia, or are migrational. Step into the world of the feathered inhabitants of Kefalonia. This tour can be tailor-made.


This technique is usually used in very high, deep or narrow areas, our equipment will be used in these projects, offering an alternative solution. Lean more about rope access here...